Come on in to the internet abode of Charlyn Pemberton: author, game programmer, and 2D artist. I'm an enthusiastic woman with an associates degree in liberal arts (Specialization in Literature) and an ecclectic range of passions. I decided to learn how to program video games so I could make some of my stories come to life in ways that more static art forms wouldn't let me. Much to my surprise (I was always a more 'artsy' student than a technical one) I discovered that I really loved programming. What was originally supposed to be a means to an end became one of my primary foci. I am looking forward to producing some smaller projects soon after I finish my degree (Associatres of Applied Science in Computer Programming, specialization in Game Development) at the end of 2014. Follow me on my twitter or tumblr for updates on these ventures as they come about.

If your interested in talking with me about my projects or anything else, my various contact information is in the menu to the left. You can also e-mail me at CharlynPemberton@gmail.com


You won't find a better person to have in a group meeting anywhere. I always work very hard to bring the best of everyone's contributions forward. I work well with people on just about any project and enjoy finding more people passionate about game design, programming, and art. I can contribute a lot to the code of your game - one of the key things I've learned in my educational endeavors is that I can do just about anything, so go ahead - tell me to jump!

I'm familiar with numerous languages from C++ to Python and have spent a lot of time working in Unity. I'm a firm believer of the adage: "When you've learned one programming language, you've learned them all." I can learn to work in any development environment or language thrown at me.

Please don't throw language programming books at me.

Here are some examples of my work:

Unity Web Player Games

AltSpace Chess, a chess game with an alternate board setup.

Alien Crash!, a game from the SxSW 2013 Game Jam, winner of Best in 3D.

Downloadable Examples

Right click link and Save As.

Competition/Cohabitation, an experiment with a modified Conway's Game of Life, in which 4 species interact. Requires Python 3.4 and Pygame for Python 3.4

Silly Python Frogger Stepchild, Be a small colored square, avoid all the fast moving rectangles, and get from the bottom of the screen to all 5 white squares at the top. Lots of random colors! Requires Python 3.4 and Pygame for Python 3.4

Web Design

I designed this site for my local church when they began having some difficulties with their old hosting provider.

I made This page using PHP and the GD library. It generates 100 randomly colored speckled pixie chinchillas.