The Common Magic Abilities - Casting Magic

These magic abilities are common throughout Azuyan. They are useful and conceptually easy to understand and so are often taught to others. You may claim any power here for your Primary or Secondary magic ability.

Casting Magic works with the pony's own unique ties to the magic of Azuyan. Your magic abilities must draw from your primary or secondary element.

Flame Abilities
Fire Breath * Fireproof

Sky Abilities
Wind Runner * Dust Devil

Stone Abilities
Stone Sense * Rock Body

Forest Abilities
Woods Wise * Sudden Bloom

Ocean Abilities
Dowsing * Aquamagnetism * Sea Watch

Spirit Abilities
Enhanced Jumping * Second Wind * Superior Strength * Acceleration * Form Shift * Telepathy * Telekinesis * Projection

Sun Abilities
Heavenly Guide * Purification * Cleansing

Custom Magic Abilities

You may enter with a custom Casting magic ability. Please model any custom powers similarly to the common powers, in that it: focuses on performing a single task, and has a single element at its source. An example of a bad custom ability would be the ability to "control all fire." An example of a good custom ability would be the ability to "not be burned by fire." One is very wide in scope and can conceptually cover a lot of RP instances, the other is narrow in scope and clearly defines a single skill.

Powers have only one element to their usage, but two powers with similar effects can have different elements. For instance, Teleportation. One pony may use Spirit to teleport, which is a high level power that is very physically draining. Another pony may use Shade to teleport, which is less physically draining but requires that they only move from one area of deep shadow to another area of deep shadow. As you can see, both achieve teleportation powers, but the effects and such are different for each element the power draws its ability from.

Consider the power and element combination you wish to use, and its uaully a good idea to build a limitation into your power based on your power's element. Constraints improve roleplay for yourself and for your fellow players.

Elements in Fanplay Epic threads cancel out one another. If you are of equal score to your opponent and your element is strong against theirs, they cannot shield against you and will be hit with the full force of the attack. The same goes for you if your element is weak against your opponents. (Most of the time; see Rule # 3)

This can have some interesting effects however, besides just straight up battling. For instance, A Flame user with a FireWall ability could throw up a fire wall between a Sun user and their target, and disrupt their ability to use their powers through the fire wall (as Sun is weak to the physical elements.) Zombies and other and undead, being animated by Soul, are very difficult to harm with physical magic spells, though Sun, Spirit, and Shade are all fairly effective.

And remember that element is not the only factor. Ability Type should be considered as well. Shielding abilities provide better disruption options and offensive abilities do little to disrupt the magic of another person, but actually cause damage. For this reason, in Fanplay Epic, Defensive abilities are better for strategic purposes than Offensive abilities.

The Cautious Magic Ability - Crafting Magic

Crafting Magic is opposite of Casting Magic. While casting magic is limited to a single element and ability, but easy to grasp, Crafting Magic can make use of all elements but is hard and requires intense study. Casting magic is quick to perform, while even the most simple of crafting magics requires at least an hour of preparation.

You might think of Casting magic as a 'natural' ability, like someone who is good at sports or easily understands geometry. Effort is still required but the way their body and brain works naturally makes this an easier task for them. Crafting magic is, instead, more like programming or painting, and is a highly learned skill. A runner may train to run a Marathon. A programmer will teach a robot to run a marathon.

If Casting magic is fireballs and lightning bolts and magical shields, Crafting magic is spellbooks and carefully inscribed magic circles, gemstones, ingredients, and rituals.

The primary differentce is the source of the magic. Casting magic comes within and channeled through the user. It is limited by the user's own construction. Crafting magic instead attempts to channel magic through the world outside the user. Time is needed, success is difficult, and failure can be catastrophic, but stronger, longer lasting, or more varied results can be obtained.

Any pony may take Crafting Magic as either their primary or secondary ability. Players using Crafting Magic should always and forever keep in mind Rule #4.

Fire Breath


Wind Runner

Stone Sense

Rock Body

Woods Wise

Sudden Bloom


Dust Devil



Sea Watch

Enhanced Jumping

Superior Strength

Second Wind


Form Shift





Heavenly Guide



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