1) All PI Rules Apply.

2) The RP Leader/s reserve the rights to afflict your character with any outside effect short of death. This includes but is not limited to: damages, curses, buffs, status affects, determining the outcome of an attempted action, placing limitations on their abilities, incapacitating them in some fashion, or denying previously granted awards for the sake of setting.

3) Ranks serve to give players an idea for where their pony stacks against other ponies in terms of powers and abilities, but it is not the hard rule to follow for fights. A pony with a weaker rank may win against a pony who is stronger (if both players agree) and most of the time you and your fellow players are free to determine your own battles without using stats at all.

4) Do not post the outcome of an action. If attempting to perform some action (like, say...pick a lock, or attack someone), announce your attempt through the narrative and bold the key phrases to draw attention to it. When interacting with NPCs or the environment, the RP leader will reply. When interacting with another character, either the RP Leader or the other character may reply. Leave the result of the action open and allow the others to decide on its outcome.

5) There is a limit of 1 pony or character per RP. You must obtain special permission from the RP Leader to bring in more.

6) Pets (nonsentient companion animals) and Riders (sentient companion animals, usually human/elven/bipedal) are typically permitted as awards for good roleplay. If you have not earned them, you should not have any Pets or Riders with your character. Pet and Rider awards in the God Epic or other Azuyan or Outrealm Gate RPs are generally considered acceptable and do not require special approval.

7) This roleplay is not a competition, nor are prizes guaranteed in any given round. The roleplay does not receive official prizes; they come from the GM's pocket. Whining about prizes automatically disqualifies you from earning future prizes.

Credit to McEbil and the numerous members of the Azuyan Association who participated in world building and development of the God Epic setting.
Many images rescued from Azuyan-related account galleries. If you made them, let me know so I can give you credit.
A couple of things in this system snagged from Rekka's Imperial Isles system...because it just made sense.