The World - Azuyan

Any roleplays in the Fanplay Epic system are set in the world of Azuyan, as featured in the lengthy God Epic RPs of the linked association. You can read known facts about Azuyan's physical structure here.

The Breeds of Azuyan

The pony species of Azuyan each have unique physical characteristics and are more likely to develop certain magics. You can read about the different pony breeds here.

Magic in Azuyan

Beyond just common abilities, this examines how magic works in the Fanplay Epic version of Azuyan. Reading this is not necessary but can certainly be helpful.

Death and Ghosts

Ponies have an afterlife, but necromancy and ghosts also exist. This page will help you sort out what happens to ponies after they die...well, at least as far as magic can determine.

Elementals and Spirits

Besides physical creatures and the ghosts of physical creatures, there are other ethereal beings who inhabit Azuyan. This will tell you about them.


Maps and detailed information about the known islands and island clusters in Azuyan.

Credit to McEbil and the numerous members of the Azuyan Association who participated in world building and development of the God Epic setting.
Many images rescued from Azuyan-related account galleries. If you made them, let me know so I can give you credit.
A couple of things in this system snagged from Rekka's Imperial Isles system...because it just made sense.